Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Coexistence and Multiculture in Bigastro

As part of the debate that The City council of Bigastro started up for the development of the strategic plan " Bigastro Avanza ", they want to emphasize the agreements adopted to foster coexistence and multiculturalism.

This debate, that includes people of different nationalities residing in the municipality, has decided that the "Equipo de Gobierno Socialista" should make the following commitments:

1) To create a servicing platform to share information and communication between all the citizens. This independent organisation will share with the City Council the intelligence targets, communication, integration and citizen coexistence.

2) To develop sport and cultural activities that foster coexistence from childhood. This corporation, which started in 2001, has already developed different initiatives such as the "Festival de Culturas Amigas", "las Muestras Gastronómicas", etc. From now on they want to increase the number of activities by organising matches in various sports, festivals, musical comedies organized by these groups, and establishing a plan of coexistence in collaboration with the Council of Education and the Council of Social Welfare.

3) The City council is committed in addition, to favour integration extending the services of study of our language and, on the other hand to ensure that all citizens are aware of the services provided.

Within its plan of quality, where the proximity to the citizen is fundamental, the City council of Bigastro wants all the new residents to have an exhaustive knowledge of the municipal services therefore enabling them to make a suitable and effective use of the local administration.

My comment

The local council are obviously keen to make people of all nationalities welcome in Bigastro. It is up to us to make sure that we participate as fully as we can in those activities that are planned for us. I have to say that, whenever we have joined in with any events that have taken place, Pam and I have been made to feel more than welcome by our Spanish neighbours.

We also need to be aware of the cultural background of Bigastro and be sensitive to the differences between our culture and that of the Bigastrense. A better understanding of the language and the culture can only make living in Bigastro a more rewarding experience of all of us.

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