Friday, November 10, 2006

Sunday market in Bigastro

This will be the 3rd year that the City Council of Bigastro promotes the " Lugareco ". This Ecological and Artisan Product Market will be held on the second Sunday each month in the Plaza de la Constitution in Bigastro.

It is mainly characterized by stalls offering ecological and artisan products for sale, demonstrations of traditional work and environmental displays directed to children and young people.

The "Lugareco" is one of many initiatives that the City council of Bigastro has put into operation to improve the quality of life of the municipality. It also offers a healthful alternative to improve both the way we live and our surroundings.

The next market will be held on Sunday, 12th of November. The City Council hope that the bigastrenses and visitors to the region enjoy the new programme of activities for 2006.

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