Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Have you noticed

There are some subtle changes to the appearance of my blog. These are because I moved over to the new beta version of Blogger which allows me to edit the layout of the blog without having to mess about with HTML.

I had made changes to the previous layout by altering the code but nothing too drastic. For example I added in the links to my other web sites and the link to my Blog Explosion counter.

Now I can move bits around, add bits in, change the fonts etc without having to resort to HTML code. Thank you Mr Google for all that.

The best thing about this version though is that the spell checker works automatically. When you misspell a word a red line appears under the word just as it does in MS Word. A right click on the word brings up suggestions for correction. Best of all it does that as you type. Of course it isn't that I misspell I just mistype!

Update: The spell checker is actually a Firefox 2 add-in and not part of Blogger so it works with Webmail as well as Blogger. Mine now spell checks in Spanish and English - how cool is that?

PS Mozilla Firefox is such a good browser. I hardly ever use Internet Explorer any more. I've now moved over to Thunderbird to read and send my emails. Again it has some distinct advantages over Outlook Express including a spam filter that works.
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