Saturday, November 25, 2006

Something for the "wrinklies"

To celebrate Christmas, the Association of the Third Age in collaboration with the Council of Social Welfare of the City council of Bigastro, are organizing a series of events.

"La Rondalla Navideña" is a group of men and women who will be visiting the sick for whom they will provide traditional Christmas entertainment.

In addition, the partners of the Third Age will prepare “el mítico Belén” (a nativity scene) in the Centro Social Integrado.

Finally some of the women will be making traditional Christmas cakes and biscuits for an event which they are calling "Merienda Navideña”.

When you consider that 14% of the population were over 60 (1,116 people) including 67 people over 90 in the 2005 statistics, they will have a lot of customers.

Note the graffiti on the building which says "Alfredo is a good teacher". They never wrote anything like that about me in Liverpool.

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