Wednesday, November 15, 2006


We had noticed that my father has become more vague and forgetful over the last year. He has also a lot of problems with his ankles which has made walking painful. Sadly this deterioration has become more rapid over the last month or so.

Visitors to his house would find him either still in bed during the daytime or downstairs in his pyjamas. He was very confused and wasn't eating properly. Nor was he taking his medication on a regular basis. When my brother Brian called to see him a couple of weeks ago he was wearing the same clothes he had worn for a week and was obviously incontinent. It was a struggle to get him showered and into clean clothes.

So Brian called in Social Services who conducted an assessment and decided he needed regular visits from a Social Worker. They also decided that he needed someone to visit and cook his meals for him three times a day. Sadly that regime has not worked so my father was moved to a Rapid Response unit in Barnsley last week.

I'm pleased to say that he is very happy in his new surroundings where he is being pampered and looked after. It is only what he deserves. The problem is that these units are only for short stays and sometime soon they will want to move him to somewhere more permanent.

It is clear to most of us that a return to home is out of the question. Let us hope that Social Services see it that way.

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