Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Only for Villas Andrea residents

When we were connected to the new satellite we were told to use Wi-Surf webmail for emails. Whilst you can pick up emails using Outlook Express (or other email client) via the POP3 server at mail.wi-surf.com you can't send emails via the old SMTP server address because it is now the gateway address for the Internet server.

There is a way around this though which will allow you to send emails via your email client. Residents in Spain can get themselves a @bigastro.es email address via the Bigastro Digital web site. To save you the trouble of negotiating their site I have inserted the links you need into the rest of this message:-

You need to click on Más información which will take you to information about setting up a Bigastro.es email address. Clicking on este formulario will bring up a form which you need to complete and return to obtain your user name and password. Once you have your user name and password click on aquí. to get instructions (in Spanish of course!) which will enable you to set up your new account in Outlook Express. NB it is important that you set the account to require authentication.

You can now send mail using your new account via Outlook Express rather than via webmail! If you are really teccy you can even receive mail via Wi-Surf and send mail via Bigastro from your Wi-Surf account by setting the SMTP address for your Wi-Surf account to mail.bigastro.es. Check the box which says the server needs authentication; click on settings and then insert your Bigastro user name and password in the boxes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pam & Keith
I'm no teccy and haven't got a clue - but when I've been emailing you I just get failure notices. Can you email me to tell me what to do or your new email address please?
Luv Chris Evans

Anonymous said...

Glad you're OK with Wi-Surf.

Hope thet don't do to you what they did to us further north.

Service ceased with Wi-Surf saying their 3rd party had gone bust (so that's 2 3rd parties in 6 months!). Lots of promises of reconnection; meanwhile they are clearing out of their office in Benitachell and have done a runner with staff owed several months wages. No chance of us being reconnected and 450€'s installation costs down the pan.

So now you know what sort of company you are dealing with.