Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Party

Last night was the Villas Andrea Residents' Christmas party up at the Pedrera.

Attendance was lower than previous occasions but then apparently quite a few people have gone back to the UK for Christmas.

The Residents' Committee did well to get any entertainment at this time of year. To get two acts must have been very difficult.

First up was Texas Ted from Playa Flamenca. No prizes for guessing that Ted is a country and western singer. He did well to sing to an audience that wasn't quite warmed up i.e. they hadn't had enough to drink by then.

Then we had the raffle followed by Night and Day, a singing duo. They performed two spots with a short break in between. The lady had unfortunately had an accident of some sort and was hobbling with a plaster cast on her right leg. That didn't stop them performing a selection which included numbers from the Everley Brothers to Rowan Keating. They were good.

Unfortunately their second spot was cut short when the lady fell. We all heard the crack as her head hit the wall behind. For sure if it didn't hurt last night it will this morning. I hope she is all right.

Anyway many thanks to the Committee for providing us with a lively start to the Christmas Festivities.

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