Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A hoolie

When it rains here it rains hard. When the wind blows it blows hard. Last night the wind picked up and was gusting at gale force speeds. You can hear it howling through the vents in the back door. The plates on the wall outside the back door are rattling on the wall and something on the roof is rocking one of the pavement slabs. I hope my Christmas lights aren't all broken from being smashed against the wall.

Luckily none of the fencing is down. When I put it back up in Summer, I tied the nylon fastners tighter and as an added precaution tied the fence with wire top and bottom as well. So it is blowing about like a sail but staying in place.

Today is a National Holiday so I bet the locals are spitting feathers at the change of weather.

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