Sunday, December 03, 2006

So slow

The movement Città Slow (slow cities) is arriving in Spain. This calm, hospitable, cultural and natural movement that is characterized by a slowed down style of life, is settling little by little in our territories as a counterpart to the frenetic rate of life and present development. Diverse municipalities of Catalonia and Basque Country have received visits already from the Italian committee of Città Slow who are very favourable to the implementation of the movement in Spain.

As a result of the celebration of the day " Città Slow: A way to live ", in October of 2006, Bigastro has signed up to be part of this international network. The agreement was ratified by Roberto Angelucci, President the International of this movement when he was in Bigastro at the first Forum of Cittá Slow in Spain.

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They might be slow in some respects but when it comes to knocking down buildings and replacing them with blocks of flats they work damn fast.

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