Sunday, December 24, 2006

Crowning glory

Cooking the turkey on Christmas Day is always a problem. You have to get up early to get it started. Then the oven is isn't available to cook other things like the parsnips and the roast potatoes until the turkey is done.

For several years now I've cooked our turkeys on my charcoal BBQ. I would cook whole birds on Christmas Day because as the skin cools it wrinkles and doesn't look so good. This turkey crown though will cut better when it is cold.

The wireless thermometer means that I don't have to worry about whether the turkey is properly cooked. Once the correct temperature is reached the meat is done.
It also means that I don't have to keep opening the barbecue to check progress. Each time you open the hood it lets the hot air out.

The chimney starter lights the charcoal quickly and evenly.

Placing the charcoal in baskets each side with a drip tray in the middle means the BBQ cooks like an oven. Without direct heat underneath, the meat doesn't burn.

Ready to start cooking. The temperature probe is in the middle of the meat.

Adding more charcoal after about an hour by lifting the hinged grate sides.

Done to perfection! The final temperature in the middle was 82 degrees centigrade.

PS Don't try this on a Spanish style chimmnea BBQ otherwise your turkey will have burnt bottom!

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