Friday, December 22, 2006

A little bonus

Well a big bonus really. On our way back from shopping we thought we would stop by at the Garden Centre, Bigastro to see Eva who had been so helpful when we were starting our garden. We'd seen Eva in the market on Thursday which reminded us that we hadn't called in to see her for some time.

We gave Eva her Christmas present and were about to leave when she invited us to stay for lunch. At the back of the greenhouse was a table laid out for the staff Christmas party. So we couldn't say no. In fact she wouldn't let us say no.

The food was all Spanish off course. Prawns, meat, fish, cheese and pickles to start with. Then soup which had egg yolks and meat balls in. This was followed by lamb steaks and chicken cooked on the barbecue. Then there was chocolate cake, biscuits, pineapple and mandarins.

Of course there was lots of fresh bread and red wine to accompany the food along with broad beans in their pods which you eat raw. To finish the ladies had Baileys in little chocolate cups and the men whisky or gin.

An unexpected pleasure which we were very grateful for.

I ask you; how many garden centres in England would invite you to join them in their Christmas party?

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