Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Setting up your Bigastro account

I understand that some people on our estate are having problems using the Bigastro mail server for email. I posted information about how to obtain a Bigastro address on the 7th November.

We still don't have either a Wi-Surf mail account nor a Clear Communications one. The only way we can use Outlook Express for mail is to set up an account with a provider that has POP3/SMTP servers.

You need to set up a new mail account in Outlook Express. The email address is the one which you obtained from the Town Hall; e.g. Having typed that in the first dialogue box as your Email address and Reply address, you need to set up the Server settings as follows using the account name and password you were given. It is important to check the box "My server requires authentication".

Click on "Settings" and in the next box select "Use same ......." and click OK.

and then Apply.

Finally make sure that the Connection is by Local Area Network.

You should now be able to send and receive mail via your Bigastro account.

You can either disable your Wi-Surf account by unchecking "Include this account when receiving ...." or delete it altogether to prevent error messages about the Wi-Surf server not being found.

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