Friday, December 22, 2006

Here we go again

Well, well, would you believe it? On Tuesday 19th, in the afternoon, the Internet connection just disappeared. I was half expecting it at anytime not because of some technical problem but because finally Wi-Surf had gone bust. A phone call to Clear Communications confirmed my suspicions. Their satellite provider had pulled the plug because Wi-Surf had not been paying their bills.

A quick trip up to the Pedrera confirmed that the satellite dish had gone and then the server was switched off. Both were sure signs that we had a problem.

So why did I think that this was going to happen? I’ve been in touch with a guy called Steve who was a Wi-Surf customer in the north Costa Blanca. When we were re-connected they weren’t and there was no promise to re-connect them. He had tried to contact Wi-Surf who had moved offices to Almoradi and had to resort to writing to the Round Town News to get any response from Keith McClure who had supposedly taken over from Peter Reed Forrester. These are the replies he got:-

Steve, get a life, I do not care about your petty squabble with wi surf.Why would I or anyone else want to hear your misinformed opinions on wi surf ?

OK Steve, why don't you and the other windger get your facts right before telling tales to RTN or bothering me with your nonsense. As I said, I do not own Wi-Surf(that's Peter Reed-Forester)

I was simply an investor/shareholder in the company there for I am not responsible to you or any of it's customers. I own shares in BT and this doesn't mean I'm accountable to it's customers no more than i am to Wi-Surf customers.
I hope this answers your questions.
Regards Mr McClure

Well PRF left Wi-Surf to set up Ispirese on the 2nd August and sent all Wi-Surf customers an email telling them that Keith McClure had taken over his shareholding. So who was actually in charge of the company remains a mystery.

Best of all though, Wi-Surf recently had the gall to ask its customers to pay for a year’s subscription up front offering them a hefty discount for doing so. I didn’t get the letter offering me that deal but you can guess what my reply would have been if I had.

The good news is that our connection has been taken over by Clear Communications using ADSL over microwaves. The bad news is that I had already paid for December's connection and Clear Comms. have just taken January's payment. Still that will see us through until February and we only waited three days to get back online.

Muchas gracias Clear Communications - Feliz Navidad.

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