Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New opening hours

After we'd been to the doctors yesterday morning, we went into town to collect Pam's prescriptions and found the Post Office was still open. I must have missed the notice on the wall telling us about this last time I collected mail probably because the queue of people covered it.

Now instead of being open 9-11am the Correos is open until 2:30pm weekdays and 1:30pm Saturdays. Not only that but you can send faxes and get photocopies there as well.

It was always a pain to get up in time to get down there before 11. Now that we are retired we like leisurely mornings. I work on my computer and Pam has an extended sleep. Rushing down for the post was not on especially if there was nothing for us to collect. Now we can have breakfast properly and saunter down when we are ready and then have a coffee and a piece of toast with olive oil before strolling back.

Thank you Correos you have made life that bit easier for us. Now if you could employ another post person to deliver up to our estate that would be even better. We've got the post boxes ready for you.

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