Thursday, December 16, 2010

Calling all games players

The Youth Council of the City of Bigastro has organised the 2nd Tournament of Board Games for the 3rd and 4th of January 2011 (from 4pm until 8pm).

-You can register to play up to the 28th December.
-Registration is FREE: players will get 3 free drinks (soda or beer)
-Open to anyone over 14 years of age, with the exception of ping-pong which is open to those over 10 years of age.
-You can enter for up to two different games.
-Entries will be accepted from people living in other municipalities

-REGISTER at the YOUTH INFORMATION CENTRE or VIA EMAIL at, giving your full name, telephone number and the games that you want to sign up for (maximum two).

AND THE GAMES: -Billiards
-Table Football

Damn I won’t be available on those dates and times but then I am no good at any of those games anyway!

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