Monday, December 06, 2010

How would the police find a stolen snowman?

Since the weather has been bad in Britain, the police have been inundated with calls from people requiring assistance.

Last week, people were phoning the police to report children who were snowballing. To be fair, a well hurled icy snowball can do some damage if it hits your windows, your car or worst of all you.

Although the police might have tolerated those complaints, a lady in Chatham, Kent went too far. She phoned the emergency 999 number and told the police that someone had stolen the snowman from her garden. Apparently she genuinely believed this was serious because she’d used pound coins for the eyes and teaspoons for the arms. The lady in question has now been advised about what constitutes a genuine emergency.

The story begs the questions "How would you find a missing snowman?" Missing snowman - description - white, made of snow about 1.5m tall when last seen (could be much smaller by now) and "How on earth do you steal a snowman, it's not like you could bundle it into the back of a van is it?"

PS and they talk about Scousers - build a snowman in Liverpool and it will stay there until it melts; Southerners obviously have no scruples about such things :-)

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