Saturday, December 18, 2010

What the devil?

What on earth possessed me to volunteer to take the part of the devil in our Christmas production for the children from the infant school, La Paz?

We already knew that learning a new language at our age was a more difficult task than when we were younger.

We should have also realised that learning lines for a play was going to be a similar challenge.

Still we got there in the end and managed to pull it off without any major hiccups.

The main thing was, the children seemed to love it and we were mightily impressed how well behaved they all were.
Even though I was the devil, I got to take this stray cat home with me.

Once home, I gave her a saucer of milk and then put her outside for the night.

It wasn’t long before she was scratching at the door though – it was cold last night!

PS Some of the children told Pamela afterwards that they liked her as a cat but they didn't like the devil because he was evil. When she explained that I was her husband they were shocked!

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