Monday, December 13, 2010

No let up for the next month

Locals complaining about the cold here in Bigastro find it hard to contemplate how bad it might be in Britain this winter. So far the country has seen some of the coldest temperatures and heaviest snowfalls since 1981, but with no let up on the horizon, it could end up being the worst winter since 1910.For the next few days

A chilly and often cloudy day, locally foggy at first, though brighter in the south and the northwest with some lengthy sunny periods in western Scotland. Occasional light rain for some eastern areas, most frequent along coasts of eastern England.

Showers continuing in many eastern parts, especially near coasts. Elsewhere dry with variable amounts of cloud, with icy patches on some roads and fog developing locally under cloud breaks.

Tuesday will see showers near eastern coasts, with outbreaks of light rain spreading further inland across central and southern parts. Turning clearer and colder in southeast England later. Dry with variable cloud elsewhere.

Wednesday will be mainly dry. Heavy rain sweeping southwards on Thursday, giving way to frequent snow showers and a risk of widespread ice later Thursday and on Friday. Turning very cold again.

Friday 17 Dec 2010 to Sunday 26 Dec 2010:

Very cold and unsettled on Friday and through the weekend, with strong northwesterly winds bringing frequent snow showers to many places. Some significant accumulations are likely in places leading to some disruption, and with strong winds in places, there is a risk of drifting leading to temporary blizzard conditions. It will be very cold with icy stretches and widespread overnight frosts, these perhaps becoming locally severe through the first weekend as winds fall lighter. During the following week, it will stay mostly cold or very cold with further wintry showers in places and the risk of freezing fog. There is however a chance that some southern and perhaps central parts may become less cold for a time, but with a risk of rain, sleet and snow, particularly in the southwest.

Monday 27 Dec 2010 to Monday 10 Jan 2011:

Continuing unsettled and often windy with further wintry showers and perhaps some longer outbreaks of snow in places. Temperatures look set to be generally below average for much of the UK, with a risk of frost and ice in places. However, some milder spells are likely with rain rather than snow, especially in the south.

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