Thursday, December 30, 2010

A memorable trip

All of our trips to England are memorable for a variety of reasons. This one however is turning out to be more memorable than most.

It was our granddaughter Molly’s first Christmas which we spent down in Kidderminster. Following that we had a few days with our eldest daughter in Wolverhampton. So far so good, we had had a lovely time in very pleasant company.

Yesterday we were driving back to Sale near Manchester to have more time with our youngest daughter, her fiancé and of course Molly.

Laura and Dave had set off before us from Kidderminster  and arrived home to find a burst pipe in the ceiling of their kitchen. The kitchen was awash and the water had flooded through to the dining room soaking the carpet.

The only consolation was that it could have been worse. However, it has rather put a damper on New Year and my birthday celebrations.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful to all those people who have made us  welcome and looked after us so well but this is one trip where I really will be glad to get back home to Spain. I hope we can help them sort out the majority of the mess before we leave.

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