Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am an admirer

When we were new to Bigastro, the town hall seemed to rely upon people like me to chronicle events and send in photos for the gallery.

Now there is a young lady, armed with a high quality digital SLR, who attends these occasions to make an official record.

At first I was only vaguely aware of her presence but now we have got to know each other, I try not to get in the way and aim not to duplicate the photos she takes which, as you will see from the albums in the gallery, are excellent. Her pictures provide an invaluable record of life in the town.

Here are a couple of the events that the official photographer has covered recently:

  • It looks like the Gala last weekend was a great show. You can see photos here.
  • Also the new Police Station was opened with all due ceremony as you can see here.

PS Note to the town hall: the built in flash on the Sony DSLR has a very limited range which extends no more than a few metres. Without an external flashgun it is a real struggle to get a decent picture in poor light. Even a relatively inexpensive external flash would help your photographer to get better shots particularly indoors.

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