Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Tell me a story

imageDo you have the burning ambition to be a writer? Do you have a story about Christmas to tell?

If so, then you could enter the 22nd Competition for stories about Christmas organised by the Ayuntamiento in Bigastro.

The competition is open to people of all ages and is divided into three categories:- infants from 6 –14, Juniors from 15 – 18 and adults 18+ with prizes in each category (150€ in the adult category).

Your masterpiece should be five pages long and should have a card cover with a drawing related to your story. Your story can be either hand written or word processed just so long as it is legible and presumably in Spanish!

On the last page you should put your details: name, address, age and telephone number.

Be sure to hand your completed work in by the 15th December either in the library or at the main desk in the Auditorium.

Best of luck. Oh yes I nearly forgot, you will be able to see the entries in the library once the competition is closed.

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