Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Next stop the real thing!

The time for rehearsal is over. Today we had the dress rehearsal, Friday we perform in front of the children from the junior school La Paz.

The costumes look great, the lines are as good as they are going to get – everything is set for a fun packed performance.

Here are just some of the actors that will be taking part.

On the left, the snowman having a last look at her words. As the star of the show with the most lines to deliver, she is damn good.

On the right are the the ladies from Bethlehem, a shepherd and the angel of the Lord in the centre.
From the left; the sun, the sheep and the moon.

The snowman looks magnificent with her colourful buttons and that top hat.
On the left; the cat, the moon and one of the directors, Ana.

On the right one of the ladies from Bethlehem and the shepherd with the moon rising from behind.

Missing from the photographs are the dog, the cockerel, the other director, Sandra and me of course as the devil.

Now it is time to wish all who are taking part to “break a leg!”

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