Saturday, December 04, 2010

The new nick

The new location for the local police station will be opened next Friday, 10th December, by the Assistant Representative to the Government in Alicante, Dña. Encarna Llinares.

The current location, although centrally placed, is way too small and offers very little parking facilities for the police vehicles. The new location, situated on the ground floor of the old San José de Calasanz school building, offers a lot more space and better parking.

As an aside, the young men in cars that used to gather outside the San José building have now moved up to the park at the bottom of our estate. Particularly at the weekends, there are as many as half a dozen cars parked either in the San Isidro park or on the two roads alongside it.

It makes you wonder why these young men choose to congregate in this way. I find it hard to believe that they drive up here just to have a chat but I would not want to accuse them of anything more sinister. No doubt the police are keeping an eye on the situation.

PS Nick is English slang for a police station - so called because that is where you get taken when you get caught or "nicked". Like in Spanish, there are a lot of colloquial terms in English.

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