Wednesday, December 01, 2010

They do read my blog

And as proof of that, I got a message from my friend Germán at the Ayuntamiento telling me that they have resolved the problems with Gmail and addresses. That is good news for me at least and I will explain why.

Perhaps someone who has an ADSL connection via Telefónica can help me.

I use a program to read my emails rather than check them via a web page. The one I use is Mozilla Thunderbird and have done for years. It does a good job of picking up emails from various accounts, sorting them out into boxes according to the sender, filtering out any spam into the trash box as it goes along.

The program works fine in every way except when I try to send an email via Telefónica’s SMTP server (for the non techies out there that is the outgoing one). An ordinary text email is handled OK but if I try to reply to an incoming email or forward a message on or attach more than one photo, I get an error message from the server telling me it can’t deliver the message.

That is why the Bigastro server is so important to me because, no matter which of my email addresses I am using, I direct all my outgoing emails through it and that seems to work perfectly -10 out of 10 to Germán and Bigastro Ayuntamiento for that.

You may ask, “what is the problem then?”. The issue is that I hate being beaten by something like this. There has to be a simple reason why some of my outgoing mail is refused.

PS Please don't tell me to check my settings because I have already done that.

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Pete said...

Check your settings.


No really, I would expect that you could only use their SMTP server if you are either on their ADSL line, or you've authenticated, or possibly both.

Are you authenticating on the SMTP server?