Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why I won’t be buying an iPad

I am a great lover of all things Apple and have been for a number of years. I had several Apple computers, I had a Newton and have two iPods including an early iPod Touch but I won’t be rushing out to buy its much bigger brother, the iPad for several good reasons.

In comparison to the Kindle book reader which I mentioned in a previous article, the iPad would seem to be a much better proposition mainly because it has a wonderful colour screen. It also has a lot of amazing features not offered by the simple book reader. With its backlit screen it would be more of a strain to use as a book reader than the Kindle with its E-Ink but for everything else it would be gorgeous.

The main stumbling block for me is the price of iPads which start at £429 for the 16Gb WiFi version and go up to a staggering £699 for the 64Gb WiFi/3G model. For that price you can get a very respectable notebook computer with a speedy Intel Core i5 or even i7 processor, 4GBs of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. A notebook might not be so portable nor as sleek as the iPad tablet but would probably be easier to use for lot of my routine tasks better especially since they come with a proper keypad and not a virtual one.

Did I mention that the iPad does not support Adobe Flash? Well it doesn’t and that is a bit of a mistake on Apple’s part. It might be tiresome to watch on some web pages especially when it overdone but without its support, there is just a blank square on the screen.

Having said all of that, if someone was to buy me an iPad for Christmas, I would be like a “pig in muck”.

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