Friday, September 11, 2015

A radical view of the migration crisis

This article from the online paper Alerta Digital puts a different perspective on the impact of Muslim immigration into Europe.

Egyptian researcher Ali Abd al-Aal of Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) says that 80% of Muslims in the West live on welfare and refuse to work.

His research addresses the problems of lack of contribution by Muslims in Western societies in which they live, in order to enjoy the social systems of these countries.

He notes that Muslims come to the West as refugees or illegal immigrants, not to bring wealth to the host society, but rather, become a threat to the security and economic stability of the West. Not to mention crime. Ali Abd al-Aal believes that social assistance granted in the European Union attracts immigrants like a magnet.

According to their statements, if we multiply the average amount charged by any Muslim immigrant welfare hosted by the tens of millions of those living in Europe, we will have an idea of ​​the astronomical cost to European countries of their unproductive and parasitic presence.

This amount doubles significantly if we take into account all other non-European immigrants living on welfare, and also if we add the cost of crime and social implosion, because of this massive immigration. These enormous amount of expenses, are not the only cause of the impoverishment of Europe, but contribute to its depletion.

Politicians seem to agree that this lax system, which is based on human rights, is not working. But no one has a plan to stop mass immigration.

Europe is doomed. Political, social, cultural and civilization suicide has been scheduled, and if they have to stop the infernal machine of destruction of the West, even in a few years it will be too late.

That is an extreme point of view based on an assumption which may of may not be true i.e. that 80% of Muslims live on welfare. Alerta Digital is an anti-Muslim publication which takes a stance that many would not agree with.

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