Sunday, September 06, 2015

Boy did it rain

Rain was forecast all day yesterday but by evening time, not a drop had fallen. Did that mean it was going to pass us by? NO, not at all!

As it approached midnight, we could hear it over the television, the heavens had opened and outside there was a "tromba de agua". Without guttering, it was coming off the roof in sheets and shooting down the spouts of the roof joints onto the paving below.
 On a rough calculation, I would say that 26 millimetres of rain fell between 10:30pm and 6am. Looking out at the pool I would estimate that I have a about 5 cms more water in it than I had yesterday. Fortunately, I sealed the holes in the bottom of the box so I only have a centimetre of water in there - well below the level that would affect the pump.

The only damage I can see is to the frame of the canopy over the swing seat. In retrospect, I should have anticipated the problem and stored it away. Ah well, maybe I can repair the frame somehow.

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