Tuesday, September 08, 2015

As per promise

This morning we were basking in sunshine under a blue sky. We even sat on the porch to enjoy our lunch. I'd packed the rubbish into the boot of Pamela's car ready to take to the bins on my way to the town to visit the bank.

Before setting off though, I decided to have a siesta. I'd barely closed my eyes when loud claps of thunder brought me back to my senses. Then I heard the rain coming down like stair rods and amongst it hail. Hail and rain was bouncing off the surface of the pool in the most dramatic fashion. This was rain like we had never experienced anywhere. It made the weather in the Lake District of England look like a damp drizzle.

That was half an hour ago. Now the sun has come out again and blue sky has returned with the odd puffy white cloud breaking it up. Looking further inland though I can see the storm still moving over presumably giving some other poor town a thorough soaking as it makes its way towards us. It is also looking grim towards the coast. Who knows, it may not be all over yet. One thing for sure, until I am certain this has gone away completely, the rubbish can stay where it is and the bank can wait.

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