Sunday, September 13, 2015

Animal cruelty - is it still acceptable?

Bull fighting is said to be a cultural tradition in Spain. However, there is a growing trend amongst many to ban the sport based on animal rights. It might have been acceptable at a time when bear baiting, cock fighting etc were the norm but in a modern society it is less so. However, there is little danger of bull fighting being banned. Last year it was given cultural heritage status even though a poll showed that 75% of Spaniards had not attended a corrida in the last 5 years and only 29% approved of its continuation.

Even less acceptable though are some of the more garish forms of animal cruelty like placing flaming torches on a bull's horns and driving it into the sea. Or the event in Cazalilla where they throw a turkey from a church tower every February. The Regional Government imposes a fine of 2,001 euros for which the organisers have a whip round to pay.

Today I read that in Tordesillas they are preparing for their annual fiesta the highlight of which is El Toro de la Vega. During the event, scheduled for the 15th September, men on horseback chase a bull around and spear it until it eventually dies. In Madrid, animal rights protesters rally to have it banned but people of the town will have none of it. For them this is a centuries old tradition that they want to keep.

In other countries these type of activities were banned years ago, so why are they allowed to continue in modern Spain?    

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