Monday, September 21, 2015

Yesterday's job

After our day off to celebrate Jemma's graduation, yesterday was time to get down to the jobs that were lined up for me.

First off, the garden which was showing signs of neglect. In fairness, Jemma lives on her own and barely has time to do anything other than routine tasks.

We got some heavy duty weed killer from B&Q which I sprayed on the weeds growing in the paths. Then I set about the grass with a strimmer first and then a lawn mower. In the meantime Pam and Jemma pulled out the weeds from the border on the left and the gravel at the far end.

With a little pruning back of some of the shrubs, the garden now looks 100% better than this photo.

It is raining today, what a surprise! Luckily, all the jobs are inside - I've replaced the shower head, now it is the toilet seat, the sealant around the bath and the seals on the shower screen.

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