Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Belenes in Orihuela

The competition for Christmas Nativity scenes in Orihuela this year attracted 23 entries. 

The judges made special mention of the teachers, parents  and students from the following schools: Colegio Los Desamparados, Colegio Diocesano San José Obrero and the Colegio Público Andrés Manjón.

The ten prizes totalling 2,225€ were awarded as follows:-

1st prize, D. Enrique Hernández Cámara.
2nd prize, D. José García Lidón.
3rd prize, for the Hermandad del Cristo de la Buena Muerte which you can visit in the Calle Torretas.
4th prize, Dña. Maria del Carmen Riquelme Pérez.
5th prize, For the Parish of  Santiago El Mayor.
6th prize, D. Luis Manuel Serna Rocamora.
7th prize, for the Belén of the Parish of  El Badén, assembled  by Dña. Socorro Bernabé Rodríguez.
8th prize, D. Pedro Antonio Gómez López.
9th prize, D. Pedro Enrique López Rodríguez.
10th prize, D. Antonio Vicente Gil Lorente.

Although I am by no means a religious person, I'm pleased that the birth of Christ is still the main focus of Christmas here in Spain. Of all the cards we got this year, very few actually mentioned this.

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