Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas has arrived

You can tell it is Christmas here in Bigastro.

  • A lot of the shops have their windows decorated - there is normally a competition for the best dressed window but I haven't seen a notice about this. Still, you can see the enormous efforts that have been made even without the chance of a prize.
  • There are lights all the way down the main street - this year's are particularly good (reminder to myself: must get down and take a few photos).
  • The belen is set up in the Church Hall - well worth going to see.
  • Father Christmases are climbing up walls throughout the town. Soon I imagine we will have him (along with a tiger and a basket of sweets)  sat outside the barbers on the road up from Purisima.
  • There is a competition organised for the best Christmas reposteria.
  • The students from the School of Music are presenting a Festival of Christmas in the Auditorium on Sunday 21st at 6pm.
  • The children from the local primary schools will be presenting their nativity performances in the Auditorium.

Finally, students from the Adult Education classes (including our class) visited La Paz and Bigastrin schools to sing carols. This is now the third year that we have visited the schools to entertain the children in this way.

We normally sing a couple of Spanish "villancicos" followed by an English carol to each class in turn. This year, one of the Ukrainian students in our class finished our performance by singing a traditional song from the old country much to the delight of pupils, students, teachers and parents.

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