Friday, December 26, 2008

Naranjas are like buses

You either have none and have to go out and buy them or you have a glut.

Our lemon trees have a graft of orange on them which produces about a dozen or so fruit. I've already eaten them. They are thin skinned, very juicy with a flavour that is on the tart side rather than sweet. P1000576

Once our own fruit were gone, our Spanish neighbours saved us from having to buy more by giving us a bag full of oranges for Christmas.

These have obviously been hand picked, they are even in size, with perfect skins and are apparently sweet in flavour. They were a very welcome gift.

This morning, one of our Spanish friends arrived with a box full of oranges from the trees on his plot in the countryside. They have a few blemishes that would make them rejects at the supermarket but I've no doubt that their flavour is superb.

Fresh from the tree, oranges have a lot more juice and a fresher more intense flavour than shop bought fruit.

Gosh with all the Vitamin C we will be getting, we should be well protected from any more Winter colds.

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