Friday, December 19, 2008

La cena


The teachers of the Adult Education classes decided to organise a meal out for the end of this term and invited students to sign up. Working on the basis of nothing ventured - nothing gained we put our names down.

Along with our friends John and Carole, we turned up at 9pm - the time we had been given. Of course none of the Spanish students arrived before about 9:30 and it was 10pm at least before we sat down to eat.

The food was very good. Typically, we had lots of bits rather than one plate full of meat and veg. There was plenty though and nobody left wanting more.

Of course the thing that makes a good night out is the company. We sat with Eduardo our teacher who is a little reserved. To make up for that we had the comedian from one of the other classes who amused everyone at our end of the room.

Although he spoke a little English, his friend was fluent having spent a few years working in Shrewsbury. So we got by with a mixture of English, Spanish and Spanglish and had a thoroughly enjoyable night.

Many thanks to the teachers and the students for providing us with such good entertainment.You can sign us up for next year.

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