Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Smile the dentist

Who would have thought that a visit to the dentist could be enjoyable - even fun?

Whenever we go to Smile we are greeted by our first names and a welcome. It is more like a relationship between friends than client and dentist. 

We visited Tor, our dentist, in Torrevieja this morning. On the counter at reception was a candle burning alongside a Christmas tree. There were also Smile chocolates and on the other side of reception was a bowl of mulled wine along with biscuits.

Whilst I was waiting to see Tor, one of their other clients was called in to see the lady dentist. She greeted her client with a hug and a kiss and they went off to the surgery holding hands. From our past experience that is not unusual - she always greets clients who she knows well in the same way.

Thankfully Tor didn't greet me with a kiss but he did make me feel welcome. After my consultation, Tor shook my hand, wished me Merry Christmas and gave me more chocolates.

If only the dental clinic in the UK had shown the same attitude, Tor would have had a lot less work to do putting right years of neglect.

I know this sounds weird but we genuinely look forward to our visits to the aptly named Smile clinic.

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