Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I hate poor service

Germán at the Ayuntamiento in Bigastro kindly offered me web space on the town's web server to host my photograph albums.

I already have  a limited amount of free web space on a server based in India but in this case Germán is offering me access to their Plesk control panel which would allow me to set up separate addresses for each album. All I had to do was register a domain name and point that to the addresses of the Plesk panel.

I registered a new domain with the company I used to register thewilliamsons.me.uk, got the DNS addresses from Germán to redirect the account to and placed a request with British NIC to redirect the domain.

That is where I am stuck. British NIC claim to answer requests within 24 hours but four days later my domain is still not directing to the Plesk control panel. I've made two requests o their support team which I'm waiting for a reply to.

It isn't life and death of course but don't you find it frustrating when companies don't deliver what they promise to do?

I would have been better off using a Spanish company I found on the net who would have redirected the DNS addresses straight away. Not only that but it would have cost me 6€ less for the two year's registration.

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