Friday, December 05, 2008

Call for the pied piper

I think Eduardo is now well tuned into our sense of humour. In the early lessons he was quite formal,  perhaps even a little nervous. Now though he is quite relaxed and at ease with our banter.

Eduardo told us that a technician from the town hall was coming to the the school where we have our Spanish classes to see if it was possible to get the heating working again.

A man did arrive early on during yesterday's lesson and Eduardo went to meet with him. When Eduardo returned he told us it was not the heating technician he'd met. Our teacher went on to explain that the town was suffering from a plague of rats - millions was the number he quoted. The man that Eduardo had met was in fact putting new bait into the traps to try and catch some of them. 

We do know there are rats along with rabbits, snakes, pheasants etc in the countryside by our estate but I don't think there are millions of them.

It isn't just Eduardo that has a sense of humour. Saturday 6th is a national holiday -el Día de la Constitución. You will find posters in the bars in Bigastro advertising a Royal Wedding for that day (Boda Real). We understand there is to be a wedding in the church but the couple are not royalty - that part is just a joke.

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