Thursday, December 04, 2008

Cheapest ever music

The price of music just got cheaper with the introduction of Amazon's online download service which was launched yesterday.

Singles from Amazon are 20p cheaper than on Apple’s iTunes website.

There are other bargains to be had for example,  Take That’s new album, The Circus, is reduced to just £3, despite only being released on Monday.

The US shopping giant obviously wants to take a bite out of Apple’s dominance of online song sales.

Better still, the three million MP3s on Amazon’s UK website also have no Digital Rights Management. This means the tunes will work on any MP3 player — including Apple iPods and iPhones — and can be copied to CDs.

To download complete albums you need to first install the Amazon MP3 Downloader which queues up all songs from an album for download, saves them all to a specific folder on your computer, and can import them automatically to your iTunes or Windows Media Player library.

There are those who still prefer to go out and buy a CD in the belief that the sound quality will be much better. I suppose if you have a few grands worth of Hi-FI equipment that might be true. After all, there are people who still prefer their music on vinyl because they feel that the analogue format is truer to the original source of the music.

Buying online is certainly a lot more convenient than trudging out to the shops only to find that the CD you want is sold out.

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