Sunday, December 14, 2008

Finally completed

One of the tasks which we needed to complete whilst we were in the UK the Power of Attorney over Pam's father's financial affairs.

The solicitor, who dealt with Pam's mother's will,  recognised her father's failing memory and diminished capacity to handle his affairs and recommended him to appoint the pair of us to act as attorneys. 

That was in February 2007. In July of this year we decided to register the PoA with the Court of Protection and thus start the process off. It has taken us until now to complete that process. 

Along the way we have experienced the very best and worst examples of customer service from the various banks and building societies we have had to deal with. Possible the worst example was a letter asking for confirmation of identity; addressed to Pam's father and his departed wife and sent to our address in Spain. That was a crass error for which we still haven't received an apology.

Finally we have control over Pam's father's current account and can manage it online from here in Spain. We also have access to his various savings accounts so we can monitor those as well.

For those of you who have ageing parents, taking out Power of Attorney is a sensible course of action.  From our experience it is better taken out sooner rather than later because the process can be long and protracted.

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