Monday, December 01, 2008

Overwhelming support

Over a thousand people braved the rain and the cold yesterday in Bigastro to pay tribute to the ex-mayor, José Joaquín Moya. Members of Moya's family were there along with present imagecouncillors and the others who had been imputed with him.

The organisers of the rally were keen to stress that this wasn't about his innocence or guilt but rather about a recognition of the 25 years of work and the dedication that Moya had shown in building Bigastro into the town that it is.

There were several placards including the one in the one in the photograph which reads, "Moya, we recognise your work for Bigastro".

The speakers said many who criticised Moya had received help from him and now repaid that with ingratitude. They complained that some people have condemned him without waiting for a judgment. The speakers pointed out that in his 25 years as mayor, Moya had placed Bigastro at the forefront of towns in the Vega Baja with its superb services and infrastructure. Whether he is guilty of the crimes that are being investigated does not negate all that hard work, effort and dedication.

In conclusion the crowd shouted "¡Viva Moya!".

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