Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The price of fish

The Spanish say "en Navidad, las angulas estan por las nubes" (at Christmas, the eels are for clouds) which  means that at Christmas the price of fish always goes up. Fish is a traditional dish for Nochebuena (Christmas Eve) in Spain and of course you can't buy it too far in advance because it won't keep.

A survey by the newspaper 20minutos showed that, in three weeks, the price of seafood has increased by 120%. Red prawns, which were 36 euros per kilo are now 80; Norway lobsters, which were 48 euros per kilo are 150. Sea bass costs  58% more (at around 32 euros per kilo) and the more expensive sea bream is up 75% at 40 euros per kilo.

The good news is that the price of meat; goat, lamb and calf has stayed the same. Although there seem to be plenty of  legs of ham about, we haven't seem many suckling pigs this year. 

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