Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Menjabollos Giant

In a wooden house set in the pine forest at Guardamar del Segura lives the legendary Menjabollos Giant. Throughout the year, he keeps the forest clean and prunes the trees.

giant 2 giant

Then on the 23rd December he comes into the town to announce Christmas and stays until the night before the Three Kings. While he is in Guardamar the giant gives gifts to the children and takes part in a dancing procession -the dwarves and giants dance - through the streets with the children. Afterwards in the Plaza de la Constitución afternoon snacks are served.

For those who think I may have had a drop too much wine last night and am making this up. Let me assure you this is a true story. The giant is as real as Santa Claus.

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Will said...

Great to see the giant. My wife, a primary school teacher here in the UK some footage of it two years ago. Her 8 year ol;ds were fascinated and asked her umpteen questions. Guardamar is a great place for this sort of thing.