Monday, December 22, 2008

Saving a few cents

The price of diesel and petrol has been dropping with the fall of oil prices. Prices at the pump are about half of what they were in July.

However some petrol stations have been slower to respond to the change are therefore more expensive that others. Generally speaking those petrol stations that sell in large quantities are able to reflect the drop in price (and any increase) more rapidly than those who hold stocks for longer periods.

By shopping around you can save up to 6€ on a 30 litre tank of petrol or diesel.

You can now check where the cheapest fuel is to be had by clicking on this link.

For example in Bigastro the price of diesel A at the Cepsa station on Friday was 0.866€ per litre whilst 95 octane petrol was 0.859€ per litre.

Travel into Torrevieja and you can save a bit on these prices. For example at Eroski diesel was 0.832€ per litre and 95 octane petrol 0.800 per litre.

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