Friday, December 19, 2008

In it to win it

I may indulge in a few vices (most notably smoking and drinking) but gambling isn't one of them. When we lived in England, I  bought tickets for the National Lottery and even took part in the staff lottery but always regarded it as a waste of money. I've never been in a bookmakers nor have I ever placed a bet by any other means. Gambling just does not appeal to me one bit.


Last night I was presented with the opportunity to buy a ticket for the Christmas lottery. The spirit of the occasion and the fact that it was Ana who used to teach us selling them encouraged me to part with 20€ for one decima.

My instinct tells me that I've wasted my money. Even still I will check on the 23rd to see if my number has come up. If it has then I'll be in for 100th of the prize allocated to it. If you see me swanking around in a new Mercedes in January, you'll know I was wildly wrong.

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