Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The surprise is saved

This week a new community directive on security of  toys will be approved by the European Parliament. It will prohibit placing incorrectly packaged toys  in nutritional products.

The aim of the directive is to prevent children from inadvertently swallowing and choking on the toys that are included in some food products. image

The Spanish "roscón de Reyes" traditionally contains a surprise and a bean. The inclusion of the model of one of the three kings  could have fallen foul of the new directive.

The story behind the cake is that whoever gets the king in their piece wears the crown for the day and whoever gets the bean pays for the roscon. Spanish children know this and chew carefully on their slice of the cake '

So the traditional surprise  in  "roscón de Reyes"  has been  saved because it is not considered to be a toy. Just as well, we haven't got a full set of all three kings yet.

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