Monday, December 14, 2009

Back home

As you will have gathered we are back home again here in Bigastro.

We had a wonderful eight days in England, busy as usual but very rewarding. The highlight as always was to see both our girls which we did the first weekend. Even though the weather wasn’t too good, we had a great time and a beautiful pre-Christmas dinner with Jemma. Laura and Dave.

After a few more days with Laura and Dave at their house in Sale, we visited Pam’s father on the Wirral. He is 86 now and although in good spirit and physically well, he has problems with his memory. Thankfully Pam was able to get the doctor out to see him whilst we were there.

The doctor felt that Pam’s father was capable of staying in his own home but did need assistance on a daily basis to help him cope. A social worker was summoned and she came to the same conclusion. So ASAP we will be recruiting help for him to make sure that he gets a proper meal each day and that his washing gets done on a regular basis.

Of course, Pam’s father does not consider any of this is necessary. He is of the old school which only asked for help in a dire emergency. It therefore will not be easy for the person concerned to convince him of his needs but I am sure they are prepared to cope with that sort of challenge. At least we will sleep easier knowing that there is someone visiting him each day to make sure that all is well.

Whilst we were over in the Wirral, we stayed with Hugh and Angela and went out with them for yet another pre-Christmas meal. It was great to see them, the meal was excellent and we were very grateful to them for putting us up for the night.

Back in Sale we were able to help Dave and Laura choose a “travel system” in preparation for their baby which is due in February. They had already considered the Maxi Cosi Mura system as their preferred option but it was necessary to see one in the flesh so to speak before laying down any hard cash. 

Laura and Dave already have a large box of things ready for the child – that box is soon to get a whole lot bigger!

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Maz said...

Definitely know how you feel about Pam's father. We had the same situation with both Mick's father and mine.

Hope he will allow them to help him.