Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fingers crossed


As promised, this Friday there will be a Council Meeting to approve the modifications that have been made to the plan for Sector D-6. You may recall that these changes were necessary to gain approval of the Consell in Valencia.

With only two items of business, the second being any urgent items, you might expect this to be a short meeting. We will have to wait and see. Hopefully, there will not be a repeat of the last meeting when the spokesperson for the opposition was escorted out of the town hall by the local police.

image It occurred to me that many of my readers will have no idea where or what Sector D-6 is.

For the purposes of planning, Bigastro is divided into sectors. Villas Andrea where we live (at the bottom of this map) was Sector D-9.

The new development of 600 houses in Sector D-6 lies between us and the town, in the grey area the other side of that green bit which is the “old hill”.

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