Monday, December 21, 2009

The Lorente family

Many of the people living at Villas Andrea have jobs done by Pepe and Rafa Lorente and can testify to the high quality of their work.

Yesterday Pam and I had the great privilege to be at the inauguration of the Parque de la Cultura in Bigastro. The first exhibition there was of the highly talented work by Rafa’s sister Lola. (to see Rafa and his sister together click on this link).

Lola Lorente, was born in Bigastro in 1980 and has a licenciada in Beautiful Arts from the University of Valencia and has a formative cycle superior of illustration from the Massana School of Barcelona.

She won the Consolation prize in Accésit en Certamen de Cómic e Ilustración Injuve in 2003; in 2006 she got the first prize in Injuve illustration and in 2008 the prize for infantile illustration Pura e Dora Vázquez.

Lola's drawings are just exquisite; precise but yet concise in a style which is uniquely hers.

IMG_0480a IMG_0500a
IMG_0509a IMG_0522a
IMG_0510a IMG_0545a

Beauty and talent, what a formidable combination!

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