Sunday, December 13, 2009

More fireworks to come

After the last plenary session of the council, it was obvious that the opposition party were not going to let their issues of concern go away.

Now they are calling for an extraordinary session of the council to be convened where the questions can be raised. First and foremost there are the issues surrounding Sector D-6 because It seems that the mayor has convened a meeting with the 35 companies that own land in D-6 to let them know how the plan for that sector will be modified to bring it into line with the requirements of the Consell.

There are other questions that the PP want to ask including those about the cost overrun for the car park La Paz, the fees for adult education, the “denuncias” taken out against PP councillors for parking,  the agreements made with Idearco about the land at La Pedrera and why the ex-mayor, José Joaquín Moya is still being allowed into the municipal buildings.

It would be very surprising if the socialist party were able to come up with answers that would satisfy the opposition so it sounds like a recipe for yet another stormy meeting.

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