Friday, December 18, 2009

The knives are already out


This photo from the newspaper Laverdad must be of a rare occasion when the mayor of Bigastro and the leader of the opposition saw eye to eye.

I doubt if they will be shaking hands at the moment because the extraordinary meeting of the Bigastro Town Council this afternoon to approve modifications to the plan for Sector D-6 has caused major controversy between the two parties before it even gets underway.

First off, the meeting has been re-scheduled for 2:30pm, an hour later than it was originally set for. The PP claim that the change of time is a deliberate ploy on the part of the mayor to prevent people from attending. Actually, if that was the socialist parties aim, they would have been better setting the meeting an hour earlier. Still you take the point – 2:30 is the time when most would want to be at home having lunch so they may not want to hang about for an hour if they arrive thinking that the meeting is still at the original time. 

More important, the PP claim that, when they went to see the documents pertaining to the discussion on Wednesday morning, they were told that they were not complete. When they returned later, the municipal technicians were not at the councillors disposal to explain the details of the files. The Mayor counters this argument by saying that in fact the documentation contained in the 59 page legal report that has been signed by two lawyers and an architect is all that they need to pass a judgement this afternoon.

One of the complaints that the PP party made against the previous mayor was that he withheld documentation they required to prepare for council debates,  now they are levelling the same argument against the current mayor. They say that, without full documentation, it would be better for them not to attend the meeting. For sure that would make the session short and quiet! We will have to wait and see what happens.

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